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Depending on what you want to do, one might be better than the other, but it comes down to what you are comfortable with. Some people dislike the extra work to get the different devices to talk to each other. Macs have been associated with high-powered graphic design for some time. This is due to the design of the products themselves. Apple products are visually appealing, and are sometimes purchased for how they look. There are tools and apps for graphic design that are also Mac-only. Most of the big names in design software are now made for Windows, but the perception remains that Macs are what you need for graphic design.

Read more here about Mac products and graphic design. In addition, because Apple tightly controls the software on its devices, there is much less bloatware installed on new systems. Macs tend to have new innovations incorporated into their design faster than PCs. Because there is just one manufacturer of Apple products, they can move more quickly when there is a hardware innovation like USB-C. Because Mac users are a minority, Apple has been careful to make sure that their products can work with Windows software. As a result, Macs can read drives that are formatted for Windows and can often convert Windows software to something that is compatible with OS X.

The biggest PC advantage is cost. Because there are so many PC makers, it is possible to find a wide range of devices at different price points. Although Apple is trying to catch up, PCs have more opportunities for touch screens. With Windows 8 and Windows 10 created with touch screens in mind; laptops can convert to tablets, desktops can use touch screen monitors, and tablets can be used like computers. Windows PCs have far more software created for them. PCs are more easily upgraded and have more options for different components.

Windows 8 vs. OS X Mountain Lion: Feature by Feature

A PC user can select from many motherboards, processors, storage drives, video cards, graphics cards, audio cards, and memory. This enables PC users to build a custom machine, or upgrade an existing machine quickly and easily. Find out more about upgrading memory and storage drives. In the hardware area, PCs also have an advantage of offering more connection ports and types of ports on any one system and the ability to select a system based on the number and type connections. Mission Control provides only a dashboard as to what's open. You can't close any apps from this view.

Why not let users swipe up on an app to close it, as you can on the upcoming iOS 7? For the most part, OS X is best for unitasking because of its ability to run many apps at full screen. However, we like the improved multiple display support, which lets you see the dock and menu bar across screens.

Winner : Windows 8. An improved Snap function makes Microsoft's OS the better bet for multitaskers. Our issue with Live Tiles is that you don't land on a specific message or news story that you see flashing in the tile, just the start page for the related app.

On the plus side, a new Quiet Hours feature gives users more control over alerts, letting them schedule when notifications should be inactive. You can reply to a message or email directly from within the alert, which helps save time and keeps you more focused on the task at hand. You can also accept FaceTime invites on the fly. Mavericks will also support notifications from some of your favorites websites, such as CNN.

While Live Tiles are more engaging, keeping track of notifications in Windows 8. Microsoft has stepped up its search game in Windows 8. A new Search Heroes feature delivers sleek results pages with interactive multimedia content. For example, searching a city returns a map, the current weather conditions and attractions. Search Heroes also applies to music artists, offering sample tracks and videos via Xbox Music.

When we searched for our name, Windows 8. MORE: Windows 8. OS X Mavericks makes it easier to find your files by introducing a new Tags feature, which lets you apply tag names with their own colors. You can apply multiple tags to the same file, such as Family Budget or Big Project. Or just use the search field to find files based on tags or their color. Similar to a web browsing experience, you can open multiple tabs within the Finder to reduce window clutter. You can also easily drag and drop files from one tab to another. Plus, you can preview your results by hovering over them.

You can even drag and drop items out of the results view into an app, such as a photo into an outgoing email. That changes in Windows 8. The beauty of SkyDrive in Windows 8. Only when you open a file does SkyDrive retrieve it from the cloud. However, you can right-click files to make them available offline. Microsoft also updated the Modern-style SkyDrive app to let you access files that are both stored locally and in the cloud.

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Moving files could be easier, though. Another welcome new feature is iCloud Keychain, which stores everything from usernames and passwords to credit card info and Wi-Fi credentials stored in the cloud. Everything gets encrypted and pushed to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. By the same token, the new Books apps in Mavericks syncs your progress and notes in books. Things will get more interesting once Apple launches iWork in the Cloud in limited beta now. The omnipresent Charms menu lets you share everything from web articles to photos with a swipe in from the right, but the social networks are an extra tap away via the People option.

And even then only Facebook and Twitter were an option in the drop-down menu, not LinkedIn. Worse, you can only share via the People app if you use the Modern version of IE 11, not the desktop browser. LinkedIn updates can also show up as notifications.

macOS Catalina vs Windows 10 May Update: which is best? | TechRadar

OS X continues to support Facebook and Twitter integration as well. If you want to post directly to Facebook or Twitter, you can do so at any time right from the Notification Center. With Windows 8. Winner : OS X Mavericks. Although Windows 8. We continue to like appreciate the Bing News, Travel, Finance and Sports apps, with their sleek panoramic designs and customizable interfaces.

You can also pin favorite items to your Start screen, as we did with the New York Yankees.

Creative types will dig the new Fresh Paint app for Windows 8, which includes oil paints, graphic pencils and watercolors and lets you paint via touch, stylus or dedicated drawing tablet. The hands-free mode lets you wave your hand through recipe steps a smart idea but on our Yoga 11s the gestures were inconsistent. You can literally point to where it hurts. Although it was not available on our preview build, a new Mail app borrows liberally in a good way from Outlook. A power pane on the left side lets you filter mail by important contacts, while separate newsletter and social update views minimize clutter.

We also like the ability to view image attachments in split-screen mode with the Photo app. Speaking of the Photos app, you can now auto-fix and fine tune photos with a few taps. In addition to a cleaner design, the Calendar app now offers an Event Inspector feature that will autocomplete meeting locations as you type; the app will show the cross-street on a mini map and even the weather forecast for that appointment time.

The Windows 8. We also like that points of interest include Yelp ratings and photos. However, while Apple's Maps app looks better and is easier to use, only the Bing Maps app includes transit directions. Although we prefer Apple's Calendar app to Microsoft's, Windows 8. From Microsoft: Microsoft recently passed the , app milestone for the Windows Store, and the company claims that the majority of top iPad and Android apps will be available for Windows 8.

Those will include Facebook and Flipboard. The Windows Store in Windows 8. Microsoft also cut down on the need to scroll by letting you see all categories by right-clicking or swiping in from the top of the screen.

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However, the Windows Store continues to stock only Modern-style apps and not desktop apps, which results in a fragmented downloading and shopping experience. But this face-off is between Windows 8. The Mac App Store stocks thousands of choices, ranging from photo editing apps and social networking tools to games.