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VUZE Setup Guide

Due to firewalls and additional protocols installed into the adapters, it might not work as expected. If you were unable to find the correct interface in Vuze's list, please first connect to the VPN using your preferred protocol, and then open the options of Vuze.

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Everything else just needs to be done as shown in the image below. Close Icon close We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

How to Speed up Vuze torrents by tweaking connection settings

Hide My Ass! Support Knowledge Base Troubleshooting. Updated: April 16, Otherwise you might be unable to see the corresponding interface in the list later. Now, go to " Tools ", " Options " in the menu. Under " Mode ", select " Advanced " so that Vuze shows all settings.

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Go to " Connection ". Doubleclick it or click the arrow to get into the submenu " Advanced connection settings ". Well done!

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Fortunately, on Mac this works exactly the same, just that the interfaces are named differently. Have more questions? Ask them on our community! Still not found what you are looking for?

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Transmission for Mac - Download

Posted October 26, I think I'm having the same problem. I think it may be something in the way OSX I tried upgrading to the latest version of uTorrent, but this has had no effect. Posted November 7, Same here. Has anyone found a workaround? Or is there a program that works better with mac?

Posted November 13, Posted November 23, OS X Posted December 1, Posted December 9, I have the same problem. Switched to Vuze which is 3 times faster.

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Tested on same torrent with same Macbook Air.